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1) Helen White:  one of the founding members and first president of The Women's Auxiliary. The Helen White Memorial Trail was made in her honor and dedicated to her on Thursday May 2, 2019.

2) Phillip E. Newton: the first African American City Councilman to represent in 1969

3) Renee Patterson: first African American woman to hold a seat on the City Council

4) Hattie Pope: one of the founding members of the Women's Auxiliary

5) Mack Wilson: long-time Civil Rights Activist

6) Odessa Johnson: In 1967, she became the first African American educator a Modesto High School, and eventually she rose to become Dean of Modesto Junior College and a Modesto City School Board Member

7) Marcus Mumford: first African American male Superior Court Judge

8) Gladys Williams: long-time Civil Rights Activist & Educator


Angela Drew | Author
Angela Drew | Author

One of our very own, ANGELA DREW, is a published author of a children's book.

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